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Welcome to Swift Creek Labradors
Labradors for discerning sportsmen/women since 1989.
Our puppies have earned 1 World Championship, 8 National Champion titles, and 4 Dog of the Year awards as well as making the Derby List, QAA, SH, MH, GMPR, and titles in at least 10 different testing organizations. No other Pointing Labrador breeder/kennel has done this and virtually all came from our puppies which is much more important than what their parents have done. Our puppies continue to prove their bloodlines at the highest levels and are great natural hunters on land or water. This is why over a dozen major breeders have purchased puppies from us. Our pups also excel at search & rescue, detection, service dogs as well as being excellent companions. We have pups/dogs in nearly every state and several in Canada as well. Complete health clearances on all of our dogs. What can a Swift Creek Labrador do for you?
Exciting news for 2016 & 2017. GMPR SCL's CC Rider MH finished her AKC Master Hunter title and qualified for the 2016 Master National. CC completed her APLA Grandmaster title in straight passes in 2017. SCL's Watermark Stella Blue SH was selected in October 2015 to be the "cover dog" on a bag of dog food from a major company for the next 10 years. It is a new formulation that began production in the Fall of 2016. Red Flannel Prime Performance Chicken Formula 30/20 from PMI Nutrition which is owned by Purina Mills. When we kept her out of Sugar Magnolia's first litter we knew she was a special puppy and has grown to be our favorite female.
Sawyer owned by Michelle Hosey, one of Stella's pups sired by Jeter, qualified for the 2016 Eukanuba Dock Diving Championship with the 5th best jump in America in 2016 at 16 months old. The sky is the limit for Sawyer. Another Sugar Magnolia son SCL's Little Brown Wharf Rat will run AKC SH and MH in 2018. The sky is the limit for our Rat! Our pups are athletes that excel at any game trained for as well as in the home.

Swift Creek Labradors- SCL is registered and licensed by the State of Missouri. Our dogs/pups have earned over 100 titles and awards in at least 10 different organizations including AKC, UKC/HRC, APLA, UFTA, BDC, BHU, PHU, PF, NATHA, and QU. Our dogs can hunt or compete at the highest levels with or against any dogs in the world. We also have puppies that have become search and rescue dogs, detection dogs for the military and law enforcement, service dogs for the blind, and dogs trained to detect cancer and diabetes. See for yourself why numerous Labrador breeders have SCL dogs. One chocolate puppy went to the breeder of the 2011 National Field Trial Champion(NFC Watermark's Running Back). This is the result of years of breeding for the total package of Labrador traits/skills rather than breeding for any single trait. SCL is a small kennel and guide service located on 80 acres in central Missouri. We also have land in the Missouri River valley adjacent to 5000+ acres of the Big Muddy Wildlife Area. We have over 12,000 acres of public land nearby to hunt and train on including a waterfowl refuge. Our goal is to perpetuate the original traits that have made the Labrador the most popular dog in the world. We believe that longstanding great field bred bloodlines are the key to great dogs. SCL has sought out NFC bloodlines throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Our dogs possess sound temperament and great natural instincts and excel in the home as well as in the field. We believe in the British philosophy of breeding. You don't train out bad habits/traits, you breed them out. We only breed our best dogs that have the complete package. We only breed dogs that we can train easily without using a professional. Our dogs are born and bred to hunt. They also have the skills to compete as well as being excellent family companions. All of our dogs and puppies have been raised in the house. We use the Early Neurological Stimulation Program(ENS) on our litters as well. This helps them to deal better with stress later in life and training.

Your dog is the most important part of your hunting equipment. SCL only breeds dogs that have proven themselves in the field and all of our breeding dogs are OFA certified good or excellent. Their eyes are CERF 'd(now CAER).They are also clear for CNM and PRA/PRCD. We also register the DNA of our dogs so that our dogs' and your puppies' lineage can be proven. We are so confident in our bloodlines that we not only guarantee our dogs health (hips / eyes ) but that they will hunt for anyone (with a minimum of training). Our dogs(and puppies)are used extensively for upland and waterfowl hunting and to further prove themselves, they compete throughout the United States. We test all our dogs for the EIC(Exercise Induced Collapse) gene. EIC is a genetic neuromuscular disease that has been found in a large number(as high as 40%)of Labradors primarily from/in field trial stock. A new DNA test has recently become available through the University of Minnesota (EIC info link). All of our dogs are tested and none will be bred until the results come back. We encourage all buyers to insist on EIC test results for both the dam and sire of their puppy/dog. This is a double recessive genetic disease that requires a copy of the gene from each parent. We have witnessed it in dogs other than our own and feel that all Lab owners/buyers/breeders must join to eliminate this disease from the gene pool. It is an insidious disease with no cure that causes dogs to become temporarily lame after exercise or excitement and can cause death in extreme cases.

For several years our dogs ran primarily in the BDC/Tournament Hunter LLC. We are now running AKC/HRC/APLA hunt tests/trials with continuing success to prove that our dogs can compete in them as well at the same high level. l feel that tournament hunting is the most true test of what the Labrador Retriever was originally bred for over 200 years ago. It is real upland hunting with live birds being shot by the handler, after being produced by your dog. The dog must produce the bird, mark the fall, and retrieve to hand to receive full points for that bird. Points are also awarded for the amount of time it takes to fill the bag limit. Dogs are scored not subjectively judged. No style points or politics! The most proficient dog wins. Championship points are awarded to dogs placing 1st, 2nd,or 3rd. To earn a championship title you must place first multiple times and accumulate a total of 20 championship points similar to field trials. We also get to compete against AKC JH,SH,MH; APLA GMPR's; Field Trial champions;HRCH, etc. to see what dogs truly are great hunting dogs. We only breed exceptional, natural hunters. We do not breed litters that we would/do not keep a pup out of. SCL dogs have participated in thirteen national tournaments since 1997 being awarded eight national champion titles, second, two thirds, fourth, fifth, eighth, and eleventh place competing against the best tournament hunting dogs in the USA and have been featured on the Outdoor Channel, MAV TV, the Sportsman's Channel, and in GunDog and Quail Unlimited magazines. We have had to cut back on competing recently due to personal mobility issues. In spite of this SCL dogs continue to compete at the highest levels. We expect to return to a more active role in competition in 2014. In 2010 two dogs we bred placed 5th and 6th in the World Championships of Tournament Hunting. In March 2011 GMPR HR Swift Creek's Wanna Dip SH(Cope) won the 2010 BDC Amateur National Championship title and the BDC Amateur Flushing Dog of the Year while being handled by Paula Voorhees. Cope followed that up in October 2011 placing third in the World championships while handled by John Turnquist. In Feb.. 2012 Cope while handled by Noah Voorhees won the Youth title at the National Pheasants Forever/Quail Forever Bird Dog Classic. Another dog we bred, Ryley at 17 months of age, placed 2nd in the doubles division at the same 2010 BDC National Championships and was handled by her co-owner Jerry McCarthy. Ryley just followed that up by winning the Top Gun Puppy and second in Puppy Doubles at the NATHA U.S. Open in April 2011. Ryley has earned the 2011 BDC Puppy Flusher of the year title. Ryley and co-owner Brenda McCarthy just won at the BDC World Championships October 2012 and won the 2012 BDC Flushing National Champion title. In 2017 they won The NATHA US Open Pheasant Championships in doubles for their 5th National title. On a sad note Swift Creek's Lady Guinevere 5X BDC CH passed away Nov. 1, 2011 at the age of 12. Guin was our "once in a lifetime"dog and was one of the best to ever tournament hunt. She had the best nose that anyone has ever seen detecting birds at times over 200 yards away and the drive to keep up with it. Guin gave us many, many, great memories. She was a special member of our family and will never be forgotten. We were truly blessed to have had her in our family. Her bloodline is the foundation of our kennel and her pups, grand pups, and great grand pups continue to prove her bloodline. Ironically, our last two litters of 2011 were her grand pups and great grand pups. 4 generations in the house and kennels at the same time! 2012 also saw a pup from Sugar Magnolia's 2010 litter make the Derby List. Just Trigg, a chocolate male owned and handled by Monte Bochart earned his AKC JH and SH and then ran in a hand full of Derby's making the Derby List. In 2013/2014 Monte Bochart with another Sugar Magnolia puppy Angus made the Derby List. A dog out of Aella QAA'd in 2013 as well. Angus finished his derby career when he turned 2 in late March 2014. He was entered in 14 Derby stakes and placed in 12 of them, an unheard of accomplishment by a young dog and with an amateur handler/trainer. Angus and Trigg both earned QAA honors Aug. 29, 2014 when they placed 1 and 2 in an AKC Qualifying event. Congratulations to Monte and Angus/Trigg for their continued success! In 2015 SCL's Watermark Stella Blue SH was selected as the Posterdog for Red Flannel Prime dog food with her picture on the bags for the next 10 years. SCL's CC Rider SH finished her AKC Senior Hunter title in 2015 and her AKC Master Hunter(MH) title in the spring of 2016.

Paul Swift has been hunting and training dogs for over fifty years. Paul has been an active judge, scoring hundreds of dogs in numerous competitions and multiple organizations, as well as ten national tournaments and the 2009 through 2012 World Championships. He is a member of the AKC, UKC, BDC, Ducks Unlimited, and the National Wild Turkey Federation and has guided hunts for upland birds, wild turkey, and waterfowl for over twenty years. He is also a member of the Garmin/Tri-Tronic's Influential's Club as well as local retriever clubs and marshalls and shoots fliers for AKC hunt tests and field trials.

Our dogs are "possessed" with great hunting skills and desire!

Please feel free to contact us for more information or if you have any training questions.

Swift Creek Labradors

Paul Swift
1920 Route Y
Harrisburg, MO. 65256

Phone: ( 573 ) 874 – 6065
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