Client Testimonials

Mr.Swift: The pup that I got out of Guin and Jake is doing great. I own 6 other Labs and guide hunters. This pup is doing 80 yd water retrieves at four months. This pup has all of the qualities that a Lab should have and may be my best dog already. I would like to put a deposit on Guin's next litter. Thanks for a great pup. D.W./ Woodlandville MO.
Paul Swift: Jet is an awesome pup. He dove underwater to fetch a crippled goose on his second goose hunt. Thanks for a great dog and I look forward to getting another pup from you. A.K./Columbia, MO.
Mr. Swift: Our Sadie has turned out to be the most awesome dog.We absolutely love her. She is so smart and so pretty. Our daughter and son-in-law have a hunting ranch and would like a puppy from an upcoming litter. Thank you so much! F.L./ Kalispell,MT.
Paul Swift: Thanks you for a great puppy. We have had her for two weeks and she is already our best dog. B.G./Kansas City,MO.
Paul: Cope is an outstanding pup. This is my first Labrador but he is already doing double marks and loves birds. He ha been very easy to train and did not chew up anything in my house. Thanks for a great puppy. M.W. /Shawnee, KS.
Paul: I have been around M.W.'s pup a couple of times. If all the dogs that I get to train at K&L were as good as Cope my life would be much easier. That may be the best Labrador pup I have ever seen. Please let me know when you are going to breed Guin again. I would like a pup out of her. J.K. owner/ K&L Kennels, Higginsville,MO.
Paul Swift: Enclosed is a deposit for our puppy from Guin's current litter as well as a deposit for pick of the litter for her next litter also. Thank you. B.B./Turkey Creek Labradors/Lake Benton, MN
Dear Mr. Swift: Thanks for a great pup. We looked all over the United States for a pup, some of which were selling for as much as $3000. Your pups are better than theirs. You really should charge more for your puppies. D.B./Herrin, IL.
Mr. Swift: The puppy that I got from you is doing great. I was walking her on our preserve two weeks after we got home when she smelled a pheasant and tracked it down and flushed it. Thanks for a great pup. S.S./ Lititz, PA.
Paul Swift: Thank you for a great pup. She is so smart it amazes me. I was cleaning the other day when I found a hat that had come up missing in a waste basket. It had been chewed up. My pup picked up all of the pieces and put them in the trash as she had see me do on previous occaisions after she had chewed up other things. Her obedience and field training is going great. Thanks! J.R./Glendale, AZ.
Mr. Swift: Your dog Liza Jane is a half sister to a dog of mine, Crystal of Glenbriar. I see that Liza has earned a Championship title and would like to add her to my website's list of Glenbriar dogs that have achieved titles (with your permission). Thank you for your efforts. Bobby Robertson-Owner/ Glenbriar Labradors/ Markethill, Northern Ireland
Paul Swift: Hello, great to hear you, and I'm glad to hear that you got a puppy from Bobby Robertson out of Meg and my Ross. I'm very proud that Bobby taking my lovely dog Ross
and I keep also 1, Glenbriar Rum of Deeplake. If you want you can come over for training or if you have a group I can come and give some Belgium training. If you have later good fotos send them to me if you want then I can put them on my site.
I hope to see you in the future.
Many thanks,
Frank Redant/Deeplake Kennels/owner of Kelland Ross-2 time Belgium National Field Trial Champion