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Swift Creek's Lady Guinevere 5X NBDCA Champion 7/06/1999-11/1/2011

Guinevere was a 66 pound yellow pointing female out of Trieven Kennels. She was our once in a lifetime dog and her bloodline will always be our foundation. She came from a long line of line bred great Labradors that are the foundation of many of the best lines of Labradors in the United States. She came out of the Trieven Thunderhead and Trieven Twist & Shout line. Over 65 dogs from Trieven have AKC titles and they have one NFC and two dogs in the Retriever Hall of Fame.

Guin in her first full season of competition placed 11th at the NBDCA National Tournament in March 2003. She made it to the finals in the 2004 NBDCA National Championships and finished in eigth place. In the 2005 NBDCA Championships she earned third place in the Masters Division.

Guinevere completed her NBDCA Championship in September of 2004 on her way to qualifying for the NBDCA National Tournament and earned a second title in 2006. In Dec. 2008, at the urging of a fellow competitor, I brought Guin out of retirement and entered her in one of the largest, oldest, and most prestigous tournaments, the Player's Championships. In spite of poor scenting conditions with 35mph winds Guin showed that she was still one of the best to play the game finishing in fourth place after two years away from competition and training for it. She was the oldest dog to compete there. Guin has over 100 all age points. She had a great nose scenting birds out to eighty plus yards regularly and on occaision beyond 150 yards and she handled incredibly.

She had great conformation, was OFA Excellent, CERF current, EIC Clear, and her DNA is registered with the AKC. Guinevere was the genuine article. She was a natural hunting and retrieving machine. She quartered great and had field coverage that the best pointers would be proud to have. Guin passed away Nov. 1, 2011 at 12 years of age. Guin played with her grand pups and great grand pups before leaving us. Gone but never forgotten!

Date Place Location
Aug. 5, 2000 2nd (amatuer) 4 B's Preserve
Oct. 14-15, 2000 1st (amatuer) Smokey Hollow
Oct. 28-29, 2000 3rd (amatuer) 4 B's Preserve
Oct. 20-21, 2001 3rd (doubles) 4 B's
Dec. 8, 2002 2nd Smokey Hollow
Jan. 18-19, 2003 2nd (doubles) Bear Lake National Regional
Sept. 13, 2003 3rd (doubles) Bear Lake
Dec. 5-7, 2003 4th Menz / NBDCA Bear Lake
Jan. 4, 2004 2nd Bear Lake
Jan. 17, 2004 1st Flying B
Jan. 18, 2004 1st Flying B
Sept. 11, 2004 2nd Bear Lake
Dec. 18, 2004 2nd Bear Lake
Dec. 19, 2004 2nd Bear Lake
Jan. 22, 2005 3rd Bear Lake
Jan. 23, 2005 3rd Bear Lake
Feb. 19-20, 2005 2nd Bear Lake Championships
Mar. 9-10, 2005 4th (prelims) NBDCA National Championships
Mar. 11, 2005 8th(finals) NBDCA National Championships
Mar.2-4, 2006 3rd NBDCA/TH National Championships
Dec.6-7,2008 4th Players Championships

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