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Alspaw's Jumping Jake Flash 7/17/1993-12/18/2004

Jake was a two time NBDCA champion. He qualified for the NBDCA National Tournament five consecutive years. Jake was the runner up high point dog in the flushing division of the NBDCA in 1999. He finished among the top 3 in 13 open competitions with 5 wins. He finished fifth in the 1999 QU National Flushing Dog Championship.

Jake was 75% English,. His grandsire Swinbrook Twig was one of the most sought after stud dogs in England for many years, producing numerous British and Irish field trial (and national) champions.

Jake had an incredible nose, scenting birds out to eighty-five yards and his marking ability was even better. He was one of the easiest dogs we have ever trained. His intensity in the field was balanced by a totally laid back demeanor in the house.

Jake weighed 75 pounds, was OFA Good, and his DNA is registered with the AKC. He was a beautiful dark chocolate. He had excellent conformation with a blocky head, muscular build, and a thick tail without feathering.

Jake retired from competition in March 2004 after qualifying / competing in his 6th straight NBDCA National Tournament just before his 11th birthday. Jake passed away at home in Dec 2004 after a brief battle with cancer. His bloodline was the foundation of our kennel and will always be a part of it.


Date Place Location
Sept. 1998 1st K-Bar-C
Sept. 1999 2nd Brush Creek
Sept. 1999 2nd Pike County
Sept. 1999 1st 4 B's
Oct. 23-24, 1999 2nd K-Bar-C
Nov. 1999 2nd 4 B's
Dec. 11, 1999 1st Smokey Hollow
Dec. 12, 1999 3rd Smokey Hollow
Dec. 18, 1999 1st Upper Cumberland Bird Hunters
Mar. 11-12, 2000 5th QU/NBDCA National Flushing Championship
Oct. 28-29, 2000 1st 4 B's
Dec. 2-3, 2000 3rd Smokey Hollow
Oct. 20-21, 2001 3rd 4 B's
Dec. 29-30, 2001 3rd Brush Creek
Oct. 5, 2002 3rd Glen's Valley
Sept. 13, 2003 2nd (doubles) Bear Lake

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