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Our puppies are guaranteed until the age of 28 months against hip & elbow dysplasia (per OFA) and hereditary eye diseases. We only breed stock with OFA Excellent or Good hips for multiple generations in their pedigree. Can environment or food cause hip dysplasia? According to the OFA per their FAQ web page:
"No, hip dysplasia is a multiple gene, inherited disease. Environmental factors, like high caloric diet during the rapid growth phase, may exacerbate changes in dysplastic hips but will not create hip dysplasia. There also is no evidence in the scientific literature that supplements (i.e Vitamin C) will prevent hip dysplasia. Reduced caloric intake and glucosamine products in immature animals genetically predisposed for hip dysplasia may lessen the pathologic changes associated with hip dysplasiaod rated hips."

We recommend that you feed a lower protein puppy chow to keep them lean and avoid impact trauma to the bone joints during the first 18 months. Large breed formulations have lower protein levels to keep joints from growing too fast. Do not allow your pup to jump off of vehicle tailgates or from similar heights and avoid stairs as well. This is your best assurance of good hips and elbows (after picking good genetics). Environmental conditions can cause joints to deteriorate which can cause a dog to fail OFA certifications. Bones are soft at birth and take around 2 years to develop and harden. The accepted rule of thumb for exercise is 5 minutes per month of age for puppies.

Any dogs with hip or eye problems must be returned with copies of the OFA and/or CERF/CAER eye certification reports. Clients will be responsible for shipping costs both ways and we must however exclude dogs that have been abused or injured. Breeding of a dog shall render all warranties null and void. Any returned dog must be permanently identified with a microchip. Missouri State law also requires a health certificate and vaccination records showing the animal is current for these. We do not warranty against infectious diseases or heartworm.

Puppies will be checked by a veterinarian for health and parasites and started on their vaccination schedule. Dew claws will be removed and the puppies will be put through the "early neurological stimulation program", extensively socialized, started retrieving bird wings, and introduced to water, weather permitting. Once they begin weaning the puppies sleep in a crate to help them prepare for the journey to their new homes. You will be given a packet of information with your puppy that includes: AKC registration application papers, vaccination records/schedule, feeding schedule, a copy of our warranty, health certificates of both parents, a crate training article, a page of training tips, and a list of training books that we use. You will also be given a bag of the food the puppy is currently being fed(Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy)to give you time to gradually shift the puppy to the food that you choose to feed. Our puppies are sold with full registration and may be bred(after the warranty period)if you decide to do so. We do not require you to include our kennel name/initials in the registered name of your puppy although you are welcome to do so.

Puppies can be picked up at approx. 7 weeks of age or shipped(air) after 8 weeks. A $200 deposit is required to reserve your pup. The order in which deposits are received will determine the order in which pups are chosen. We reserve the right to screen clients to assure that our breeding efforts are utilized and that our dogs go to good homes.

Please see the Upcoming Litters page for our current litters. Our lowest priced puppies are $1000 (plus Missouri sales tax@6.85% unless you are a licensed breeder or take possession of the puppy outside of the State of Missouri). Female puppies have the highest demand. Airline shipping expenses (current airfare, health certificate, crate, and a $100 fee for delivery(300 mile round trip)to the airport in Kansas City) are running about $450. We lose money shipping at this rate but will continue to do so for those unable to come pick up their puppy. We require full payment including shipping fees before we will ship a puppy.

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